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JediNet is in the early stages of its evolution.

 At this point we are waiting until the list of cyber-Jedi reaches 24 before getting the ball rolling.

There will be 3 teams of 12 cyber-Jedi. The elite team is known as the 12 Dolphins- 12 cyber -spirits located globally.

The next team, which is currently being organizing will be 12 active cyber-Jedi.

The third team, 12 reserves (02), will contribute only occasionally, while team 01 will be on active duty.

As yet, there is no written charter for JediNet other than the following brief statement. Our organization will ultimately be defined by the actions of our members. These actions will speak louder than any words. But meanwhile:


A network of cyber-Jedi called to action by the inspiring return of the bible of our time: STAR WARS.

We are a group of artists, writers, poets, cyber-punks, whatever. Our goal is to guard all that is good on our planet from being destroyed, in the tradition set by the Jedi, who's Galaxy, once long ago and far away. . . is now rapidly approaching.

The Revolution is here.


A good reference point to understand the direction we are heading towards is the model of the 12 Dolphins:


Suffice it to say, for now, that this thing is gonna be really HUGE. Much bigger than me, my ego, or any individual. The 12 Dolphins are 12 young, free spirits who will help start a cyber-spiritual revolution through digitaly empowered information. s, digital artists/musicians, writers, poets whatever. Our common bond is our desire to prevent our species from self destructing by communicating an atomic explosion of Love and Truth. Our weapons in this battle are our minds, our spirits, our computers, and an inspiration from Jedis who have come before us. Some of us might laugh, (through riding the waves of laughter we become dolphins) others will take this very seriously. But one thing is certain. The union of 12 Dolphin/Jedis with this digital arsenol will surely be a powerful catalyst in the comming revolution.


If you need to no more, here are some thoughts:

We are basically a group of light workers who understand the potential in the digital revolution for a New Spirituality. It is through this vision that we will begin the cyber-spiritual revolution.

we will use tools such as:

  • our computers
  • cyber-communication
  • digital art
  • electronic /trance /ambient digital music
  • writing/net publishing
  • Jedi mind tricks/prayer
  • telepathic communication with Dolphins
  • poetry
  • investigation of truth
  • love/light making of every sort

    we are actively seeking qualified individuals in the following positions:

  • Jedi
  • []- click here to read more
  • Electronic musician
  • Digital artist (Dolphin Jedi)
  • Programmer
  • Public Relations
  • Dolphin

    This will continue to grow in teams of 12, organized according level of involvement. Preferably the ratio of reserves to active duty Jedi will remain at around 2:1


    I am utilizing the good offices of DoubleMirrors.com, my book and CD ROM project, (which really does contain the meaning of life and ultimate explanation of our humanity) to organize the teams of Jedi/Dolphins. This does not mean Im any sort of Master Jedi (Im still, sadly, far from it). Im just a kid with a vision quest, one of many links in the chain reaction that has begun.

    There is no hierarchy among members of each team. We will treat each other with respect and as equals. As Jedi, each of us knows in our hearts what the right path is. We are united in this vision of Light, Truth and Love. We will use every tool at our disposal in order to advance down this path. We will help each other, and we will combine our energies to discourage any dark Jedi who would slow any of us down.

    We will help each other, as well as all of our brothers and sisters on this planet, escape out of individual caves, shadows, and demons, towards a universal light to be shared by all.

    We have no allegiance to any government, corporation, organized religion, or any man made institution.

    Our only loyalty is to each other, to other Dolphins and Jedi, to the Human species, planet Earth, Life, Truth, and to the vision of Light so firmly embedded in each of our hearts.

    We are inspired by advances in the cyber-spiritual revolution, (and the prophets who created them) such as: Rave (PLUR), Star Wars, the Terminator movies, and others, as well as prophets such as George Lucas and Bruce Lee. Not to mention many revolutionary leaders from the 60's-- a revolution that ended when our parents sold out. We will continue where they left off.

    We will focus on the "moon"-- not fingers such as the above mentioned, which at most help to point our gaze in the right direction.


    Much of this information is subject to change. This e-mail is a very beta copy of what will soon become the JediNet charter, and is for your eyes only.

    All suggestions of fellow Jedi and Dolphins are welcome.


    I look forward to hearing any ideas you have to offer.


    May the force be with you,

    Dylan, Son of Waves (JediD303)---- The Jerusalem Jedi!!!!

    "I found the meaning of life, but I'm a slow typer" (no kidding, by the way)



    Ae You With me?! ! Hiya!!!!!! : O



    May the Force be with you,

    Dylan, Son of Waves, 1997



    "It will happen when 12 Dolphins dance on the beach in Tel Aviv . . ."


    God Is Great! Without God's Help I'm Nothing.

    Human self destruction is an infinite force that competes with spirituality, and has so far profited from the technology revolution more than anything else. Science and technology is a dangerous force that has brought us the ability to destroy our planet completely.

    The world will be saved when Jedi- good people- can harness technology for the sake of the continuation of the human/Cyber spirit. This evolution is destined to happen.

    The first team is nearly complete. We are based here in Jerusalem.

    I have been in close spiritual dialogue with my PowerMac for years already (I write, and make multimedia, digital synthesizer / electronic music, and digital art), and have witnessed many incredible miracles involving the Cyber-Spirit. Together with David the Visionary, I have recovered 1 gigabyte of data merely through spiritual energy, data that could not be recovered by an expert and many attempts of various utility programs.

    Speaking for the 12 Dolphins, I can tell you that we are on the cutting edge of the cyber-spiritual revolution. We are very interested in collaborating with those that do in fact share this universal human vision--- God/Love/Truth as an end and technology and science as a very disposable means.


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    "Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

    Darth Vader, Star Wars