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Awards received by Dylan Tauber:

As of 5/2/22 the music of Dylan Tauber has been featured on over 100 radio stations, and reviewed in over 50 music publications, including one print newspaper in Israel, and featured on on 2/1/21.

On 2/2/21 Dylan Tauber's song "Angels 2.0" was played on Gal Gal Latz, one of Israel's largest national radio stations.

On 4/26/22 - Dylan's "He Loves Carmen" album was played on "New Music Sunday", KRDP 90.7 FM Radio, Pheonix, Arizona.

On 5/22/22, Dylan had 13,386 monthly listeners on Spotify.

On 5/8/22 - "He Loves Carmen" was aired on WDNF-Philly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A one hour special on Radio Apilog in Israel, in May, 2017:

Transcript of Radio Apilog translated to English.


The videos and music videos of Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios have had millions of views as of 2021.

Summer of 2019-present- the music of Dylan Tauber is played at the "Dolphin and Sea Center" in Ashdod, Israel.

The photography and digital art of Dylan Tauber has been exhibited in 11 galleries internationally.

The music and websites of Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios have received many awards since 1996.

Dylan Tauber's resume.


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