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 70 AD: Jerusalem is divided. Romans needed only wait outside the walls of Jerusalem while civil war raged, and the 3 sects of Judaism destroyed themsleves on their own. The temple is burned to the ground.

1995: Prime Minister Rabin is assassinated, Israel once again is divided, collapsing from within.

Lets not let this happen again. Israel-- Be strong. Don't push, pull, don't think, feel, don't fight- Love! This is the way of the immortal warrior.

We are all one. Either we start to Love or the cockroaches will inherit the earth.

Religious, Secular, Right,Left, Jew, Arab- we are brothers. Fundamentally we are the same. We share the same internal vision of Love/Truth/Peace.

We must make this vision real or our children will be putting up web sites in memory of a long ago paradise once known as Israel and the New Jew, much as this page is dedicated to the distant and faded memory of a temple that once stood.

In response to Tisha Ba'av, Summer 1997.