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Deep Blue

A machine Defeats humanity's world chess champion for the first time in history; Kasporov tried to do battle, and was crushed. His frustration and anger is almost painful to watch in the press conference immediately afterwards.

Kasparov's attempt to defend humanity's honor against a machine was as destined to fail. (when the enemy pushes, says Bruce Lee, don't push- pull!) 200 million moves per second were being analyzed in Deep Blue's circuitry, but Kasporav was still sure of victory. Chess is a game of logic and reason. The fact is Kasporov admits he can think ahead maybe 20 moves if he is lucky, while the computer thinks this many moves 2 million times over. But there is more going on here than numbers and the stubbornness of a deflated human ego.

It is becoming increasingly clear that computers will be able to out preform humans in all areas of intelligence, reasoning and logic.

This places us as second rate in nearly all of our abilities: our muscle strength has always been minor in comparison to many members of the animal kingdom. There is no single environment where humans can survive more easily than, say, a meager cockroach. We our second rate in all areas but one.

In fact, crying over losing to a computer to chess is as absurd as Arnold Swharznigger being distraught over losing a wrestling match to a bear. None of us are that strong, Arnold, and yes, Kasproav, none of us are actually that smart.

Our only true asset, we will soon all have to admit, is the human spirit, a force of infinite energy that will never be out matched simply because it has no limit. Like the sun, it is an energy that builds off itself, and, barring external factors, will last forever. It is a force which is fueled by the Other (God) and therefore thrives off co-operative symbiotic relationships, not competition. Spiritual energy is a wave that wil not drown us so long as we do not attempt to fight its current. Love life, flow in its harmony, and we will be at peace.

If computers ever do in fact gain some sort of self awareness, a non-human, independent cyber-spirituality wil be born (what I refer to as the birth of the digital soul). On that day, will we attempt to save the honor of humanity with a kasporov / deep blue type contest of soul? The Pope vs a computer in prayer or vs a Rabbi in inspired bible interpretation? Will our egos tolerate the knowledge that we are not the superior beings of the universe we have tried to convince ourselves of being since our species began?

Competition serves the ego well, but on the spiritual level has little, if any merit. Lets not fight the current; we must embrace technology- use it as a tool for our spirits. Maybe even someday as a partner in conversation much like the dolphins, also self aware, who we have lived in harmony with (most of us) for thousands of years.

wav1- kasporav beaten

wav2- kasporav scared

text2 - Crushed by Deep Blue, Kasparov- CNN

Kasporav's panic is what we will all soon feel if we do not begin to head down a path of Love and harmony.

The spiritual goals of God, Love and truth that have always driven the good hearted among us are equally true now, and always will be. The explosion of technology we are now witnessing, provides yet another tool. A very disposable means of reaching the same Absolutes that have driven prophets for thousands of years. The Visionary of today has more tools than ever before to spread his message. Perhaps never was the need to hear his Truth- (in digital or analog format)so great.

Dylan, Son of Waves, Jerusalem

The cyber-spiritual revolution has begun.

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