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 This is where we feature other sites with quixotic drive , pushing the line between dream and realty. Young artists, writers, and musicians are no longer are at the mercy of the publishing industry and corporate BS- an 80mhz processor, a phone line, and a vision, is all we need. is looking for sites of artistic vision using the New Media as a tool to make dreams come true, spreading vibes of Love and truth. The cyber-spiritual revolution is an opportunity to evolve into a species truly worthy of conversation with the infinite. Those who are helping to make these words reality are today's true artists. With some luck, you will see them listed here.

Only sites exhibiting the ideals outlined above will be included in this list, in any of the following categories: Photography, digital art, writing, poetry, and computer generated arts. For now, they will be sorted by their popularity. Musicians- please submit to


The Revolution is Now.


Dylan, Son of Waves

7/26/97, Jerusalem. Copyright 1997-2018.

without God's help I'm nothing.

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