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Tips and Techniques for Would be Digital Prophets


1. Be True

Learn by living. Our energy comes from Double Mirrors that are in harmony-- to live a dissonant life of inconsistency is to waste this potential. We must align our mirrors.

Nothing we say is as true as what we do. Nothing we do is as true as what we potentially could be doing except making love. But in general kinetic never fully matches potential. the human system is inefficient machine of spirit. we must constantly strive to improve ourselves and personal mechanisms as we get older. This is because the older we get the greater amount of spent potential energy we are accountable for. This is why there is nothing as holy as a baby. Younger is better.

The good news for future Jedi/Prophets is that with digital technology we don't need to actually achieve nirvana or some kind of higher plato-- a glimpse is enough. Take a moment of truth and copy and paste.

Still, we must try to maximize this vision and build a lifestyle that will accomodate it in every sense. Unfortunately we are faced with a paradox-- we are born with a purity but no experience or wisdom, and often make enough mistakes to be corrupted before we even know why. So The spiritual network if it is to survive in humanity must be based on combining wisdom of elders with purity and energy of the youth. This is a tenant all religions realize, but also exploit.

I will not preach, but simply share some insights i have learned in the last few years-- very broad and universal tips that will help any would be visionary accomplish his spiritual goals despite the assault of industrial meta-noise and pollution we are bombarded with every day in this age of post-prophets.

2. Home

Find a home of spirit.

South is good-- closer to equator the better. Sun, origins, etc. my thinking is eventually an island in the south pacific via a satellite connection.

3. Tools

1. go digital!!



- cpu-- more the better

-sell used or donate, or provide to partners/other Jedi

4. Movement


2. move

3. let move- beware that dont let you move, think,

5. Network

find others


expand network (Jedinet)

6. Swim Free

Freedom is holy. Guard it, and sacrifice for it. One of the main things I have struggles with here is the security harrasment at borders in Israel.

-Don't fly El Al- ever. They have the most harrasing security, and rudest people.

- Stay away from Germany, east-bloc, eastern europe, any country where you will not have complete freedom.

- Remote island in the carribean or south pacific, US territories might be best

-Control your resources-- make a living online, or in some way that you are not controlled by a boss, or anyone else.

Remeber that as you grow you will be a threat to others who choose the common path. you might even be persecuted.

In extrememe cases, dont hestitate to legally buy a firearm if necessary. This is very easy in some states including Florida, which does not even require a licencse.

In fact, The Florida Keys seems to be the best place for Dolphin jedi in the conitnental US. Adavntage bveing easy and conventient mail order shipping, and cheap phone utilties/internet access, possibly even soon cable modem.

Bahamas, Micronesia would be even better in terms of freedom.

7. Dance in the Doorway.

Entrances and exits are paramount. Beware of those.

Your limits are determined by HOW MUCH YOU LOVE.

The ocean, a woman's womb/vagina, entrances to your home, etc

Respect the entrances of others- their stores, homes, offices, etc. every doorway is holy. Jews put a mazuzah on the doorways for this reason.

Control the input of your resources with caution.

-Beware of supermarkets-- get a girlfreind or wife to shop for you, or better yet-- SHOP ONLINE.

8. Life is about Love vs. Lack of love-- attachment

Money-- symbol of attachment

More freedom, satisfaction, love, brings money

Despereate attachment, need, makes money go away

This is the true causal relationship-- it is consciouscness that is truly running the world. A Jedi must embrace and master this concept.

9. Fix the planet

Sometimes in order to save the world, we need to fix it first.

If you are in a tough high school, family situation, or other bind, dont hesitate to use pragmatic and hard hitting tactics in order to get the hell out of there quickly and with minimum spiritual damage. the networks of fear, opression, and BS can, and should be fixed if necessary.

Even word of free computers soon, so geting started as a cyber visionary is possible for anyone.

10. Remember Double Mirrors, and take advantage of the freedom its knowledge provides-- release from all dogma. Know that if we fail in our quest to become infinite beings of spirit, we will be replaced by computers (or man-machine hybrids) or else dolphins, or even destroyed completely (chances are there are sentient beings on other planets).

I think we have a good chance of making it though. It will take heavy digital assistance, but we should be able to finally live up to our responsibilities before becoming so mutated that we can no longer be considered the same species. The evolution will continue until this harmony is acheived-- the species that achieves it will be immortal. If humans are too lazy to achieve this, but instead prioritze only techoligicla growth for its own sake, then the end result will be simple-- self aware computers, cyborgs, and other machines that simply make us obsolete. If we still exist then, we will be footnotes, home personal humans in the household of the computer.


add your thoughts

e-mail me- Would you like this to be a regular updated feature with personal anecdotes and experiences? Maybe even daily? Let me know.

Thank you for visiting Project Double Mirrors.

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