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6/30/95 1:26 a.m.

more thought on this 3rd mirror idea. These are mere hypothesis.

In a sense it is really a new form of self-reflection. It is reflection on self-reflection. For now I will call it situation reflection. It is a 6th sense that martial art masters refer to. The laugh of Bruce Lee.

I believe it is through development of this 3rd mirror, that I have been able to observe my own Double Mirrors from a distance. It is an ability to temporarily jump out of the tunnel of parallel reflections, providing a new perspective of the situation. Double Mirrors produces spiritual energy (or manic-obsessive destruction in the negative), but it is this third mirror which provides spiritual understanding.


7/2/95 3:19 a.m.

finding God on your own is sort of like trying to fill an unplugged sink. Without the plug (or the Other) much of the water will leak onto the floor as wasted energy. We are not entirely spiritual, and therefore we are not entirely whole. A man and a woman create a whole spirit. The whole is plugged and the tub is filled with love.

It isn't easy, but some people can turn the water high enough to fill up the sink even without the plug. This will not stop some water from leaking down the drain (energy wasted in manic obsessivness, self destruction, narcissism,) and it is not a very efficient process. It tends to tire you out. . .

It is not easy to get the car started this way, but if you can, than God is created and the momentum explodes upwards at an infinite level. But where does the first burst of energy come from. God's mercy- he gives all of the individual boost we need to reach this nirvana. It is up to us not to waste it. For the first 18 years, God was carrying me on His shoulders, filling me up with this energy boost. Now, thank God, the spiritual fire seems to be burning on auto pilot, God is walking beside me, as I promise to use my new energy to serve him. Without God;s help I am nothing. [I hope I have written that parable about the footsteps hanging on my wall in this story some where. This thing is getting so big, I can't remember what I have written already and what I haven;t ] Maybe His shoulders are occupied helping some other unhappy kid in some other hell of family and yeshiva demons. But God's shoulders are broad enough for us all. He is the father of every child who doesn't have a loving father of his own, just as the Ocean is our mother. (All life originated in the Sea)

That sink analogy isn't the best- I'll try to come up with a better one.


Double Mirrors without God- a jet plane without wings headed for destruction.


we are like a ship of sailors lost at sea during a 2000 year old storm. We were close to salvation 2000 years ago but we blew it. Jesus was nailed to a cross and his message died with him. Judaism was sent into Exile. Centuries of human misery was all that followed. The storm had blown us out to sea and the ship of humanity was tossed among the waves for 2000 millennium. The sailors got so depressed they never bothered to come up to deck, preferring to feel sorry themselves and stare at the rotten wooden floor of the ship. Our trance of spiritual depression and self pity has become so deep that we haven't even noticed the recent storm that has brought our ship back to shore. While the ship is grounded on the beach, we all snore below deck.

Today we have more opportunity for human peace than ever before. Peace in the Middle East, greater freedom than humanity has ever seen, the fall of the Soviet Union, technology to minimize Human physical suffering, and the lessons of thousands of years of mistakes in our search for God. . .

2000 yeas ago we also had the opportunity for salvation from one man preaching Love. God learns from his mistakes too. Truth is not very powerful if it invested in one man. The rest of society fears what he has to say and kills him. A culture, a macrocosm of the human body, kills what it can't assimilate. While we all are waiting for Jesus, the Labavitcher Rebbe, or some other Messiah to come back on a white horse we are forgetting what these men tough in the first place. When all the dust settles, God is Love, and the root of love is in our hearts. Salvation comes from within, so the Messiah is in each one of us. Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddhist, atheist, or anything else. We are all the same. We can wait forever for some Yoda to come and save us, like panic struck fools or we can save ourselves. This is how will serve God. By each one of us doing our share in the battle of truth/love. Finding the strength to spreading truth and love, and share this energy with the weak and less fortunate. With the help of God, this energy will come from within. But we do not own it. It is a piece of God, and we must share it freely. Free love isn't some hippie slogan from the 60's. It is what is going to save human kind from exterminating itself.

Somebody needs to sound the wake up trumpet and get us all ashore before a another storm carries us away and its too late.




11/7/97 brainstorm


new understanding of Double Mirrors:

this answers one of the few lingering questions:

the paradox of truth/change

life is change

life is truth

all is relative

all is absolute

No I realize the answer is neither-- it is a dynamic equations, that compounds instantly, constantly redefining itself.

a never ending wave of positive and negative, life and death, past and present, Truth, and Change, 1 and 0, that builds off itself with infinite proportions.



Old Jew-- too much Absolute. . too much Truth

NYC-- too much movement. . too much relativism. . too much change. . no spiritual structure of Truth to prevent the chaos of the downward spiral

but Change and truth are in fact the 2 mirrors of our minds, and need to be balanced, aligned for either to have spiritual value. Primary reflections constantly collecting data on our changing environments.

A superior intelligence that has evolved to the point where it is sufficient to analyze not only all incoming immediate date, but the impressions left by old data in our minds as well. .

a cat fast enough to catch its own tail

. . .the experience of this "memory" becomes a new experience of its own

forming an infinite loop

the past is constantly redefined as we add new layers from our ever changing present.
clearly the brain cannot hold all impressions ever experienced. . so we pancake them,. . and redefine our knowledge of "banana" each time we taste it. ..

 this effect produces a self identity that is compounded instantly. .

Truth is the constant. . the framework to which all of experiences falls into.

A illusion of harmony can come from the analyzation of only our past, but the infinite energy constantly pushing us onward, exponentially, (what we call the human spirit) is dependent on a living and dynamic fluidity to which to test this reservoir of Truth.

It is this flow which gives truth its power.

but its all just dusty archives until we bounce if off the present. . and start the infinite dance. .


the infinite dance than becomes an experience of its own. .

too which we can remember/. . and add to the next one.. . as our spirits grow infinitely stronger



All of human history until the scientific revolution-- too much Truth. Not enough change to ensure the meaning remains.

20th century- all is relative. . nothing is true. time speeds up, but all is chaos.

We need to find a balance

the digital revolution.. constructed of the very material which defines God. . an infinite loop of positive and negative... 1 and 0.. is the tool which will make this vision happen.


Karl Marx says technological revolution is accompanied by social revolution. Spirituality comes from people. This means a spiritual revolution will mirror the digital revolution that is now upon us. The revolution is raging, and even as our Ricki Lake-spray on cheese culture of shadows soaks up the joy of ordering pizza on the "information superhighway," a guy like me, with an MTV attention span, and Woody Allan neurotic, has the tools to communicate. I am plugged in, and on my way to become Hacker of the Force, Cyber-Jedi, Son of Waves, New Jew, Full Dolphin. My dream is to put my whole life, vision quest and all, onto a single CD ROM. Spiritual exhibitionism at its best. . .

I found the meaning of life but I'm a slow typer. . .



We are half animal, half god. As the shadows evolve, so does our spirit. . .


We have come to an age of digital messiahs and post modern prophets. Neurotic Jesus preaching on the World Wide Web. Will another messiah come ridding on a white horse and save our souls? No. A messiah is sleeping inside each of us. WE will make this explosion of Love/ Truth/ God happen. Our parents sold out; it is up to us to continue where they left off.


Energy flows both ways. Love, like an atom bomb, is an energy that builds off itself. One atom splits, creating enough energy to split another atom, and so on. My atom is split pretty bad- stared too hard into the light, brain somewhat blinded. . . but if I can split one other atom out there- one other 13 year old kid still trying to recover from his neurotic Mother- and help him to replace rage with sadness, then I have done my share to win the battle.

Us or the cockroaches. It's up to each of us.


The spiritual revolution has begun.

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  • The Double Mirrors theory by Dylan Tauber, was first submitted as a paper for a class at Columbia University in 1994.
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