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The New Jew vs. the Old Jew

Nowhere is the spiritual evolution more apparent to me than in the transition in Judaism from Old to New Jew. I could talk about the theoretical role of Double Mirrors in groups all day, but what better way to give my words meaning than by talking about an actual society which, by means of 4,000 years of human experience has become a macrocosm of every idea I am speaking of. What better way of understanding humanity than to first examine the people that represent the overdose of humanity (i.e.. self reflection)- the Jews.

The image is of two ultra-religious Jews staring at an Israeli soldier ahead. This image is framed by mirrored images of the Second Temple, the Jewish shrine burnt down by the Romans in 70 A.D., marking the beginning of the Jewish Exile. The return of the Jews to Israel in the last hundred years brought an end to this two thousand year exile from the Jewish homeland. While many before me have spoken of the emergence of the New Jew as a sociological revolution, I see it as a spiritual one. A spiritual transition in Judaism unprecedented since the destruction of the Temple.



It was while living in Jerusalem, the city of vision quests, where I was inspired by the life and vitality of the Israeli people. This was a stark contrast to the deadness I had witnessed in among the intellectuals, doctors, and lawyers of New York. In fact, my whole life was spent among Old Jews. I went to a yeshiva in Milwaukee, WI, whose goal was to discourage college and emulate an obscure 19th century Polish Yeshiva known as Slobadka. I dropped out and became Son of Waves while living in the land of The Ethiopian Woman, discovered Dolphin, Double Mirrors, and the spirit of the New Jew. For now, I wont elaborate about the path I have taken. Not that a personal search for truth and the lessons learned aren't significant, but all this is elaborated in my 456 page book, cd rom, and web site. For now, I will focus on what I perceive as the universal truths these life experiences made me realize.





A good analogy for the relationship between God and Man might actually be the famous paradox of "who came first, the chicken or the egg." The two create eachother. All external factors aside, as long as the chickens do their role- continue to procreate- the cycle will never end and the population will reach infinite levels. As long as Man continues a dialogue with God/Love/Truth, Man will be invincible. God, however, is not dependent on our actions because He transcends time- his infinite power cannot decrease as the result of future influences. He was omnipotent once so He will always be omnipotent. Man, on the other hand, is half animal/mortal, and has no such guarantee.


Self reflection is what fuels the fire of spirituality. It is like the gas of a stove, but without the spark of the Other it is just a dangerous gas. At the moment of love there is no self reflection- this energy escapes the self and is transformed to the external body of energy we call God. God is created when the self reflective energy escapes the cage of our minds. There is no past there is only the present. By living in the present, we channel the energy of our humanity into love. The energy of man and woman unites and adds up to form an energy infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. Living in the past is a sign of being stuck in the Self. [That is why I won't be a full Jedi until I finish this project- which itself is a focus on the past. When I finish this work, and do what I can to communicate what I have seen, it s then that I can put the past behind and move to the present. Israel. The Ethiopian Woman. Love. It is then that I will be a full Jedi.] In the self, this energy cannot escape and like a room filling up with gas, eventually there is an explosion of self destruction. All evil can be seen as a result of self destruction. Which is rooted in fear. Fear is a result of the unknown- a lack of understanding. By spreading my spiritual understanding, I will spread Love- spiritual strength. This Love will heal the spiritual wounds of the world. By understanding God, why we see God, and the nature of humanity, there is nothing to fear. Walking down Ben Yehuda, my face was red- I fear people. When I am perceived by others I become overly self conscious, and I am afraid. But then I transformed this fear into love by making myself conscious of what was going on- I am getting scared for no real reason. Everyone here is my friend- New Jews. I visualized myself swimming in the sea, and each time a person looked at me I visualized an oncoming wave, and like a dolphin, I dove below. Instead of letting my face turn red, I let out a dolphin kiup of joy. I was riding the waves of laughter. With my new confidence my eyes met with one girl after another, and as I looked deeply into the eyes of the New Jews around me, God was all around. When I learn to live like this all the time, flowing with all waves that come along, staying afloat not by fighting the sea but by embracing it, this is when I will be happy. And a full fuckin Jedi.


The moment man is one with God, he transcends his self. I am no longer Dylan, I am BenGalim. The Israeli soldier no longer cares about his own well-being, and throws his body over barbed wire to help his unit.

I have been told that altruism exists even in ants. A species only achieves its full potential when the community becomes more important than the individual. Until we reach this level, even the ants are beating us. But when we embrace this full potential of humanity we will become a force of infinite power. Immortal. A civilization filled with the spirit of God. Otherwise we are alone and destined to destroy ourselves. Evolution is not over- there is a now a fight for survival between two species of Man- the Animal Man of the Dark Side, alone and full of fear, vs. the collective Human Spirit. I believe the human spirit will prevail. The spiritual truth it represents is stronger than the lies of the Dark Side and assuming Darwin's laws apply to this world outside of the cave he studied, it is the strong who survive. With the help of God, we will all soon evolve into this higher spiritual state.

We join the collective Human Spirit only by having a concern for humanity as a whole and put this identity above our self identities. "I am a human first. The spirituality that is inherent in humanity has created BenGalim. I also happen to be Dylan with my own personal physical needs." When we look at life in this way, then we gain a new respect and appreciation for all human life. Dolphins are not afraid because they swim with the sum of all the strength of the group. Altruism on the physical level transcends to love. In fact the two are synonymous- altruism is the point where the worlds of the spiritual and physical meet.

Q. Wouldn't all this group stuff take away from individuality and freedom, the one thing Israel is somewhat lacking and the U.S. has in abundance?

A. No. There is only a loss of freedom if the common cause that binds the people is controlled by leaders who take away the freedom of the individuals. Russia. But there is no leader or politicians controlling the human spirit. Beleiving in humanity does not require paying taxes or conforming to any code of life. Anything an individual can possibly do with his life is by definition part of the human identity. Unlike an artificial state that does not reflect our nature, there cannot be a conflict between the interests of humanity and the interests of the individual- unless of course the individual is promoting death, and then his freedom is no asset. But anyone who believes in Love and promotes life will inherently have the same agenda as humanity.

[2/17/97 note- I have since lost much faith in humanity, as I have become more focused on the evolution of a digital soul. The murder of Dr John Weil, who I write about in the introduction to this book, on Dec 8, 1997, has made it clear to me how low our society has become. Project Double Mirrors is now dedicated in John Weil's memory.]


Three greatest thinkers about the nature of God- Abraham, Plato, and Jesus. Abraham- God is One (there is only one God, and therefor spiritual experience is absolute and constant). Plato- duality of our world (The physical and the spiritual, and you can reach the spiritual through the physical). Jesus- God is love. A Religious institution can be a lie. Who we assume to be Priests could be sinners.

For the last 2000 years, we have been in a stalemate. With the obsession over the scientific revolution for the last couple of hundred years, we are discovering the limitations of our bodies and our minds. To discover the true nature of humanity, however, we must devote our energy to resuming our search for understanding on the spiritual level. With the coming of the next millennium a new revolution is upon us. The spiritual revolution. (I believe it might have begun in the 60's and climaxed in 1967, but was abandoned. It is up to the children of this generation to jump start the human soul, and this time, make sure it doesn't fade into Reebok Sneakers and BMW's). It is on this level of the spiritual that our potential is infinite. If anyone could become immortal it would be he, said Plato. He was right. We must have faith in the human spirit. By allowing it to become powerful, we serve God.

The crossroads are near. We all have a Messiah in the heart's longing to be released and allowed to ride his white horse down the Mount of Olives to the temple of our souls. But along with this thesis comes the antithesis of an Armageddon. What will be the collective fait for humanity? It is up to each one of us to decide. A billion people can achieve peace, security, and harmony, but it takes only one person to erupt an explosion of panic. We are all on the same team, and it is up to each one of us if we will all survive. Every instant each one of us contributes to the balance of Life vs. death, God vs. the demons. Will Israel remain united, 4 million Double Mirrors in an invincible bond, or will She destroy herself through internal conflict, the 3rd temple going down the same way as the 2nd. Will the U.S. sell its soul to maintain the flow of instant pleasure, and Prozac? Or will it just eat itself into oblivion, and die from overdoses of Big Macs and spray-on cheese in a can? For the first time in history, humanity has the capacity to destroy itself and the entire ecosystem in which we live. With plenty of missiles to spare. These Nuclear weapons are spreading to countries still embracing the lies of organized religion, the biggest threat being the Islamic fundamentalists. As long as humanity embraces these lies, we are just blind men walking in a dangerous cave with no guarantees for survival. But with the help of God, we will have he strength to embrace Truth and Love and the human spirit will never die.


I am half BenGalim, and half deadness. As I am becoming more BenGalim and less Dylan Tauber I am becoming more alive.


I cringe as I watch Israel trying to become the 51st State of the USA.

A massive shopping mall built in Jerusalem has an add on T.V:

" Kanian Hazahav. Its America!"

An add for Coke- an Israeli kid opens a can of coke and suddenly he is n Times Square with an American fashion model twice his height. He finishes his drink and he is back on some stoop in the middle of nowhere with his Israeli buddies.


What do you do if you find the meaning of life? I mean is there a hot line to call or something? I tried 1-800- I'm-Jesus, But a recording told me to check the number and try again. I tried again and I got the same recording.


I couldn't find love from my mother, so with God's help I found Love in the mother of all life- the ocean, where all life began. God's mercy- if what you are searching is good you will succeed. If anther person's deadness is an obstacle God will provide an alternative way to find the truth/love that you seek. Truth is more powerful than anybody who tries to get in the way.


Human- half animal + half God



As I write, the momentum is building upon itself. Like a molecule of the energy I am speaking of. And like me going back and forth between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, between the past and the present, between Dylan and BenGalim.

I went down to the Midrachov to swim with some people and escape the loneliness of my self reflection (this is where my Jesus complex came from- I making the sacrifice of this pain of living in my past for the sake of expressing my vision of truth)

At the bus stop coming back, I figured out the Bruce Lee grin of confidence. (I obviously haven;t come up with a term for this yet.) I was on the right track when I noticed that when I have my anxiety episodes in stores when I am trying to find something and I ask the girl behind the counter there was a way to break the curse. As she looks at me in the eyes, I know that my face is about to turn red. Its happened a thousand times before already. But if I step back and look at the scene from a distance- if I become conscious of my self- consciousness, I escape the pattern. Suddenly I sense the absurdity of the situation, how ridiculous it is for me to be scared- there is nothing to be scared of. My panic becomes replaced by a sort of humor. I move my eyes back and forth in mock panic as they glow with laughter. This is what Bruce Lee is doing in his fight scenes- (This is why a lot of people find the kung Fu movies funny) he has complete control of his self reflection and does not allow his Ki levels to turn into fear. When he senses his levels of self reflection getting to high for his Ki levels, (these levels fluctuate like waves. Life is not static- it involves change.) (Too much change can mean an overdose of this life energy. The result is either an intense anxiety or an intense spirituality. Or both. . .like me). he turn off the reflection through humor- the mirror of Double Mirrors- the third mirror. He is a full Jedi.

And I will be too when I learn to ride these waves of laughter.


3:35 a.m.

I was about to go to sleep but my mind is still racing. The ramifications of my latest endeavor are huge. My explanation of why there is no Force of Evil is the closest I have come to explaining why we must be Good. The greatest law of nature is to do what is in our nature. This, I believe is to do what is good.

We are Human Beings, and are obligation is to be. To live. This obligation exists on all levels of understanding (spiritual, physical, etc.). If there was a force of Evil you could argue, "I am being- I am existing as a warrior of evil just as you are fighting for Good."

I thought abut this parable for some time, and there is no way to "prove" that Good is "better" than Evil. The word better itself implies a morality judgment which transcends rational potential of proof. I have to admit, that assuming there is a Force of Evil, I would not be able to convince the servant of this force that he is wrong. He would simply be a soldier just like me, obeying his master. Our only obligation is to exist. Morality, ultimately cannot be proven. I once tried to argue that evil is destruction and therefore death, so this is not being. But if there is a metaphysical force of Death, than who is to say that this being is less valuable than Life?

Then I would have to resort to saying that we all must do what is in our nature. I know my nature is good. I would have to respect a soldier of evil just like opposing generals in war have a respect for eachother. Each is doing his job as a general regardless of the cause for which they are fighting.

But is our fight against evil, destruction, pain and suffering really arbitrary? Could God, by definition omnipotent be challenged by a Force also containing infinite power?

No. And perhaps now I can finally articulate why. In fact there is no Force of Evil. Because Fear is rooted in the self, there is no Metaphysical energy created. It is a perception that is completely internal and has no spiritual basis outside of our minds. Like Love, its roots ere in our minds, and therefore perception determines its reality, but unlike Love, it never becomes a metaphysical force of its own. The only thing real that is born from perceptions of evil in our minds, are actions which have a real capacity to damage us physically as well as spiritually. To participate in these actions is not Being on any level and is therefore a crime to not only humanity, but Life itself.

[This isn't clear. These ideas are too hard to put in words. I need a metaphor.]

This is so frustrating- it seemed so clear to me staring out the window into the Jerusalem night, but trying to put these thoughts into words is an entirely different language than the one in which I think. . .

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  • The Double Mirrors theory by Dylan Tauber, was first submitted as a paper for a class at Columbia University in 1994.
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  • "Double Mirrors," in paperback and hardcover format, was published on 2/1/02, and as an e-book in 2013.
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