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Allegory of the Swimmers:

Once upon a time there was a people who lived by the sea. Their group identity was the sea: they were a people of swimmers. Sure they had fishermen to bring in food and workers to build shelter, but swimming was the ritual that bonded the people. Through this ritual they would find God. The best swimmers were the leaders and were respected by all, and it is they who would develop the newest swimming strokes.

There came a time after many happy years of free swimming, an enemy arrived from the north and sent the people into exile far from their home on the coast. They were forced to become a wandering people in the desert far from any body of water where they could continue their religion of swimming. The people were in danger of assimilating with the nearby nations and losing their group identity, along with the spiritual potential which is part of any such mass relationship. {Double Mirrors amplified times thousands} After the leaders from before were too old to lead, they wisely chose their successors. Not expert swimmers, for what good are swimmers in a desert? Instead, they wisely appointed men who had the skill of memorization. These men had memorized the details and nuances of every stroke the people had once performed, and recited this information to the people often. But after the years began to pass even the minds of these great memorizers were becoming weary, so these men wrote all the information in their heads in the form of a ten volume book. This book became revered and studied by the people for centuries. The people were thus guaranteed never to lose their identity so long as they studied this book; the people of the waves had become the people of the book.

Through a great miracle, centuries later, the people found their way back to their home on the coast. "At last," the head memorizer cried, "We have returned to our home!" As all the people charged joyously towards the water, this memorizer was in the lead, eager to display his devotion to the religion of the people- his devotion to Swimming. He dove in. . . and to this day has not emerged to the surface.

Some say he was eaten by a shark, but the lesson among the people today is clear. We can study the book of swimming on dry land forever, but learning to swim is a entirely different story.

Will we sink or swim? Only we will decide. By Embracing the sea of life, spreading peace and love, and sacrificing for those around us. That is the best stroke I know. If anyone could become immortal/find truth/true love/ God/ it would be he.


The emperor has no clothes.


It was no accident that it was during this year in Jerusalem where I had my vision of Dolphins and Double Mirrors. Jerusalem is a city where men have been having vision quests for thousands of years, and is the spiritual capitol of the world for three major religions. But only the Jews have been praying to return to this city for 2000 years. The spiritual tension that developed over this time has given way to an explosion of spirituality with the return of the Jews to Israel in this century.

When the 2nd temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. the Jews were exiled from Israel and scattered all over the world by the Roman Empire. This physical destruction was the result of the spiritual decay that came first. False prophets were abundant, trying to exploit the spiritual confusion of the people. The Jewish Temple Priesthood was corrupt and losing its power to keep the people united. While the Romans occupied Israel, the Jews were busy fighting themselves, and split into three groups: the Saggecees, made up manly of the priest class, the Zealots, a group of extremists who wanted an armed revolt against the Romans, and the Pharisees, a rebel spiritual movement made up of teachers and peasants who later evolved into what is know today as Rabbinic Judaism. There is no force that can destroy a group of people that is united around Truth/God/Love. The souls of each individual combines to form a communal soul that is indestructible. But the sword of the human spirit is double edged- when the nation losses this unity, than the spiritual force once made them strong becomes a monster that turns on its maker. The spiritual energy of the people turns on itself and the result is destruction. The Spiritual energy of the people no longer has a structure and collapses inwards onto itself in the from of self destruction.


[But God has mercy, and allows history to repeat in the hope that humanity will learn from its mistakes in our search for peace love and harmony. The infinite. This is after all what is the ultimate driving force behind all human activity. What we are searching for is truth God/Love, and this force has a gravity that is pulling us forward. It is only the demons in our minds- our fears- that are making this search for salvation take so damn long. Humanity is suffering from a really bad case of spiritual constipation, and we only be saved when we have the courage to flush our demons down the toilet.]

2000 years later, in what I believe was the biggest miracle of our century, the Jews returned to Israel. The state was founded in 1948, three years after the end of the Holocaust in which Hitler and his Nazi Germany exterminated 6 million Jews in Europe, one third of the Jewish population world wide. It was here that the Jewish people was reborn. The first Jewish settlers in Israel were from Eastern Europe, the same countries where my family is from. Many of these settlers had survived the Holocaust- they rose out of the ashes of death and took it upon themselves to create a life for their people.

All this is great for national anthems and bed time stories, but it if we can get past the dogmas and preconceptions we have about these events, we will understand that these events of the 20th century actually represent a sign of spiritual significance for all of humanity. It is when we can transcend the shadows that we become aware that what has been happening in the lives of our parents and grandparents is infinitely more than intellectualized history. On this spiritual level, it becomes shockingly clear that we are going through a reenactment of the events of 2000 years ago, which all of humanity is still recovering from. When Jesus was nailed to the cross it was destined to affect the entire world for the next two millennium. The birth of Christianity, the crusades, all of European history, the discovery of the New World, all in the name of a one guy who died on a cross in Jerusalem at a time of spiritual crisis 2000 years ago. Jesus is one of my role models for good reason. (My other four are Abraham, Plato, Bruce Lee, and Dr. Weil).


Abraham- God is One.

Plato- Two worlds. Physical and Spiritual. Can transcend to the Spiritual through interaction with the Physical.

Jesus- God is Love.

Bruce Lee- Hiya! (Let us fight the demon with no mercy. And let us not focus on the finger to the point where we lose sight of the moon.).


These truths didn't fall out of the sky and hit me on the head like Newton's Apple. It was my personal struggle with a demon created in my family 50 years ago, that was a prerequisite for coming to these universal truths. It was the lies and demons that I had personally been exposed to that led me to Jerusalem. [And it is in Jerusalem that I believe I am

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