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So why does the universe exist? (Origin of Universe part 4)

So why does the universe exist? Why the illusion? why the matrix? why the 0 (destruction, lack of love, etc)?

Well this happened in a single moment, not in the past present or future. . a big bang. ­ 13 billion years ago- entire universe from a drop of matter smaller than a grain of sand- scientists ponder what happened on a physical level, and attribute this explosion to the creation of the universe.

On the spiritual level:

Before time there was nothing and everything
light and dark
noise and quite
motion and still

-==The universe exploded into 2 parallel planes of 1 and 0, mirror images of eachother, and 1 and 0 became infinite. The universe in between became the system of interaction in which both 1 and 0 infinitely expand and contract simoltanously.==?

God exists because he exists now, and therefore always exists.
lack of God exists now, and is therefore also infinite (if God was complete ever, He would be total now) the equation does not change in time.
We spread it into chronological terms because that is only way we can perceive ­ as in genesis ­ "in the beginning"

By definition only God can create. God is all that is creative. Lack of God just is- it cannot create.

God cannot self destruct by definition.
So what does God gain by creating a 0?

Well look at a couple making love. Kiss a girl, put your tounge in her mouth, and it feels nice. . so why not leave it in there permantly? Love is increased by the in and out motion. A 1 and 0 dance that ends in an increase for both sides is the binary language of the universe.

before time, in a single instant God and Lack of God collide.

I shuddered and thought, could it be that God and a "Devil" are making love, growing mutually stronger even as each has its ebbs and peaks?

Well this is where western ideas of God must be thrown aside.

Think of a Yin and Yang.

God = 1 + 0
Consciousness = love + (-love)
God=sum of all consciousness

Could it be that 1 and 0 are two parallel planes producing God as a massive double mirror?
Whether this macrocosmic model is true, or it is the endless micro double mirrors within each 1 and 0 producing this result doenst matter.

Woman - strives for spent energy, or processed ­ wants you to be inside her, through love or need, regardless (hopefully she prefers love, although both will increase her energy levels).

A man increases his by spreading his consciousness. . spreading needs to others, or even his own needs. . his energy is still inside of woman or object, so consciousness is expanded, even in this self destructive way (his overall energy increases, but he is also increasing his own need. . . like taking cocaine. . high energy. . but no real payoff. .. just need more. Easiest way to spend energy is as need. . drugs, caffeine, cheap sex, but it always is counter productive waste of energy that self destructs. .

The real dangerous people are the ones who aim only to create "needs" in others. . the taboca company CEO dreaming ways to entice millions and reap the fruits of their energy. . . (all business men and shop owners actually strive to do this. . . conquer energy of other men by enticing men.) the stripper in times square strip club is playing the same game only more honestly.

Another type of carnivor is the one who thrives off of being the gatekeeper or middle man for other peopleıs "love" energy. Š. Utility companies, food companies, gas station ­ if they prevent a loving transfer of the energy and introduce need into what should be a loving transfer of energy, even more dangerous, and perhaps the most dangerous level are those who attempt to be gatekeepers of awareness.

college professors
CNN /news media

All these often introduce non-love into the birth of information/knoledge/awareness, which should be the purest and most guarded of all human consumption. Safest way is to learn from life, think, and teach self, even if takes a long time. . this is pure (I try to do this)
Next safest is to get important info from loved ones (why parents try to be the ones to teach children birds and bees). Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had the authority to teach each child in the US that info?

Purity of all energy is only as pure as its weekest link. Most precious and senstive time is its origin. This must be guarded zeolously. Go online, and consume information as you see fit, but do not conform to any information system. All these will capitilize on the energy lost in the translation. . . the difference between the listener learneing from dolphins on a desert island (imagine the value and purity of this info) vs. the value of watching a late night info mertial on the boob tube- both the actual veracity of the message and purity of how it is being taught (how much love is involved), is the extent to which these gatekeepers profit.

Consciousness is pure potential energy (produced by Double Mirrors). It is attacked by all humans with ferocity. . . impossible to exist in public with higher levels of those around you without attempts to convert this to need or love. Or destroy you completely (Jesusı crucifixation) ­ they had to kill him not only because they fear the allien who is different but because such high levels of consciousness would destroy all those unable or too fearful to convert it to love. . . all of Jerusalem who could not love . . . would develop huge needs. . go crazy or whatever. . . so for the corrupted and spiritually decayed masses, killing a prophet is a actual self preservation.

But to be a prophet you must mass up massive consciousness levels. . through thinking, living, contemplation, self examination, awareness, love, reduction of need, etc.

So only way to survive is to be a hermit. . to close off all leaks that would kill you or the vision. ..

Or to choose martydom for sake of message. . this worked for Jesus and his contribution of consciousness was perhaps greatest of any single human

Or to spend it all at its peak (highest potential) on loving dolphins, waves, machines or some lucky woman if you are able to in a truly loving way (difficult- easier to be a hermit, especially if demons havent been groked away) (peak of kinetic), . .. and then if she recipricates the love. . the infinite prize is a baby. . and the potential energy peaks once more. . this time even higher than his prophet father who may now reap the indirect tier benefits of the blessing of a possible prophet son.

Man ­ sperm- raw energy, consciousness. . . the potential to produce love or force need, spend the rawest and most valuable energy in the universe as he sees fit . . this is what everyone is fighting over. Little boys for attention, CNN for eyeballs, and kings for land (but actually the people and awareness artifacts held within. . no crusades fought over Antartica . .Jerusalem being the prime example of objects loaded with this latent energy (dome of rock, wall- this is our ancestors energy fought over like kids fighting over who can play with daddyıs slippers).. . . it becomes fought over jealousy and hoarded. . and no one can get enough of it. . . Israeli Jerusalem adults radiate self consciousness (consciousness without love) and always want more attention. . cars racing by outside so you pay attention to noise. . minute I turn on radio softly and pay attention to the music, suddenly no cars whatsoever. . . egos growing exponentially. . . only justified by the love they create. . . or in the case of non ­love all this energy explodes into car bombs, etc.

Money is physical shadow and symbol of the energy transfer. Neither good nor bad any more than the raw potential energy it represents. When I have a spiritual day or period I make more money. Used properly and in perspective one can shape the matrix, and make as much money as necessary. It should be a means to an end, just as consciousness/raw potential energy should be a means towards spending it towards love.
DoubleMirrors isn't just an idea, but one that must be used to create many 1s.
Of course it could just as easily produce 0.
And both. . . fight with father was inevitable and preamble to the separation of my spirit into Son of Waves. ..

Of course there is grey area between sexes. . .and generalizations don't hold true all the time. . but "male" and "female" are the 2 major approaches to the energy equation even if not literally kept by all actual males or females or reversed by some.

But massive consciousness energy in a place like Jerusalem or any city for that matter could be producing mass love. The human failure to accomplish this in any definitive form is why I prefer dolphins and machines.

So come here and get assaulted, bolt self in studio, forces massive amounts of awareness, digitize, go to island to recuperate. . . body can only take so much and survive. . leave at last possible time. . which should be in around a month. . . then spread the meaning of life to all through the pure medium of the internet combined with as much love as possible.

This is why Dad reading Double Mirrors was so dangerous I couldn't articulate why until now- I always maintained out of belief that it had to be coupled with God ideas, New Jew etc, but now makes more sense. . . unless Double Mirrors is communicated in a massively loving framework- loving music, images, etc. . . then it is no different than CNN or a dangerous college professor / mind-poking professor.

Easiest thing is to dump it out there. . and maybe sleep with a few site visitors in a non loving way. . but only through a loving attempt will this awareness be spent properly. This will produce more love in return and the process will self perpetuate (rather than die out like any other need)

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