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origin of universe: (2/13/00)

today, as I napped sunday afternoon and the local jerusalem inhabitants tried to kill me, i had these revelations:

infinite- that which superceeds time and space. 1 and 0. The sum of all this is God.

1 = love
0 = (-love)

time and space -all that is not infinite the mechanism of the matrix/shadows- the physical universe

become a 1 - God is 1 - by striving to become a 1 through building a harmonious life, you become an active constructive partner with the universe. you develop an ability to create your own worlds. to shape the matrix as you see fit.

now i must postpone until midnight - the beauty of this is only when no communication - massive amounts of destructive energy, assualts, need, come in at me as i sleep, but my blinds are closed. if i do no answer all this is coverted into massive awareness. as they assualted me the entire origins of the universe and all matters of truth flashed before me.

awareness= love- need

is an equation i have been writing about. but it is more complex, because there is no time element for any of these infinite elements. It becomes irrelevant whether the variable exists in past present or future.
so love includes all love potentially will have in future, kinetically have had in past, and now in present.

also - there is a tier system in effect. meaning you are part of the awareness, love, or need you inspire/affect in others in past, present or future.

[Old people inevitebly contain a power. You become more powerful with each moment. .an old lady should be respected, but is also very dangerous. . you are intereacting with all the energy of the different people who make up and have made up the energy of this old lady. . so it can be very beautiful. . or a bitter old lady can be very scary]

so it becomes an infintiely complex, constantly flowing equation, especially when taken into account the 6 billion people interacting with eachother on this planet, nearly all aware of eachother's presence.

And also its timeless nature. . 2nd third tier, plus all potential, non kinetic X Y or z.

(It becomes a brutally difficult burden the older and more interwoven into the matrix we get. . this is why it becomes increasingly important to be a hermit unless you are making love to someone, prefereably non stop)

But I beleive good people of spirit who folow their hearts have a voice guiding them that helps make descions that would otherwise be impossible for the human mind to compute. I knew i had to upload Double Mirrors by 1/1/2000, but didnt know why. Well this was before I knew of this tier system in awareness, so the purity of this action thank God was maintained (not clouded by the alterior motive of obtaining tier credit by inspiring awareness in others.)
Or coming to Israel in Jan 1 of 1997- followed heart, knew this would be good spiritually, but no way could have known that it saved my life, kept me away from horrible family infiting and 2 years of divorce, and ultimately lead directly and quicly to island.
Nor did I know then yet about the dangers of old and ancient energy. .. like fiat getting assualted. .
Ancient spiritually becomes an oximoron. . . new places are always preferable. .. safer. . old have potential for huge spirituality but necesaty of massive respect, and also the presence of blatant disrespect, make the dangers extreme.

3000 years ago priests took ark of convenent to Ethiopia for a new temple to get away from curropted jerusalem. . but all this I didnšt know then. . and Jerusalem is holy for the unaware. . just as all parents are holy for the innocent babyŠ .

That aside,

physical universe
infinite energy



awareness -


self destruction- being convinced that your self image is too loving, and therefore the illusions you embody (body, money, etc) should be reduced (need increased). even worse is to allow your spiritual DNA to decay (decrease of love, hide from awareness, or shy from love)- this is true defeat of human. All human destruction is self destruction.

trust -- to increase assumption and therefore decrease awareness at that moment as a giving action towards an other. this results an increase of love for them.

assumption -- a decrease or lack of awareness regardless of intent or outcome. this creates a vacuum which social predetors can use to "capture" or fuck there way into the vacuum of energy resources squandled by the resulting reduction in awareness.

Parania ­ no trust ­ realization that cannot descriminate between trust and assumption in a non loving setting. . . so deciscion not to indulge in either. No spending of any trust or assumptions. .. if you are hermit this is not bad. . sometime it is bad not to have enough in hostile envrinments

Acceptance ­ opposite of desire/need. This leads to love . . I was lying in bed "groking" and accepting the assualts around me not because I want them, but as an example of bad becoming good. Turning an attack into a blessing. . etc

1 is motion. . it requires thought, movement to grok. . . this requires energy. . when too much 0 in our lives we donšt have much energy. . so conserve. . meditate in bed under comfort. . . think about life for a few years. .. .. increase awareness gradually over time. . . time heals, meaning time allows for awareness to grow because of the kinetic nature of all energy spent in the physical universe, and the kinetic nature of the brain and mechanisms producing human thought and awareness. . . time is a resource for the physical creator, which then can result in timeless rewards. .. and then you grok in fullness. . . and massive amount of 1 are waiting to be spent

luck ­ there is no such thing as luck or coincidence. . richness comes as part of X y Z equation. All energy comes from God, by definition.

=time and space of physical universe being used to increase the awarenss in the universe is what a human creator strives for.= but we are limited in time. . our finite bodyšs expire. . so beauty in efficient action and the maximization of time. . beauty of kung fu is in its precise movements. . .

spend energy efficiently and you donšt neeed to conquer mass amounts of consciousness/attention and donšt have many needs. . .

or you can be a glutton and develop infectios needs that feed off themselves growing, and feeding them with more consciosness ­ larry flint becoming a drug addict, feeding it with magazine which is great tier value for attachment (desire), etc .. . even was a hermit which further increased his energy efficiency and consumption capacity

every individual has own unique combinations and cannot really be judged, and endless results can be imagined. . . modern society means more awareness communicated quickly to more people. . more needs but also potential for more spiriual awareness, or the most powerful prophet ever imagined. . . man from mars (stranger in a strange land) or Jessa in (last day) being examples.. . in fiction of using the global media to spread a vision of love. . .

of course the way to become infinite is to have extremese of the 1 inducing variables:
be a hermit, have massive tier awareness invested, love one or many in a controlled setting, and need nothing. . . (a monk on a lone mountain, or a love cult, or jesus, or other prophets being various examples)

[moment of humor. . as I was in deep contemplation under my comforter, and these truths of the universe were exploding in my mind, I popped out, and exclaimed with a grin. . . "I know kung fuŠ"

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