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1/7/04, thoughts on tshuva and God's miracles.

I would like to somehow debunk the theory of the Matrix , and much of popular culture that "man is God". In fact, God is God.
Yes spoons can be bent, and nature bent, but only because in reality there is no nature, and at that time God is flowing through the bender, and God wishes the bending to be accomplished. We are not semi-deities running around chaotically changing the world as we see fit, but are in fact merely vessels through which God is orchastrating the universe, and worlds beyond our mortal comprehension. Our task is to be good people, and allow God to flow through us, in the form of love, truth, and infinite light. We have free choice, but ultimately the world is by the design of God, not man.
So God's mercy will protect us and keep us safe, and we must have faith in this.
Reb Nosson, a chasidic master wrote:

"The essence of perfect faith is to believe that all nature is governed by God and that every phenomenon in nature is itself a result of Divine Providence. Someone whose belief in this principle is complete is able to alter nature [through his prayers], for he knows the truth - that in fact there is no nature at all. Rather, God governs His world in a particular pattern- for example that dry land should remain dry land and that sea should remain sea - and this is what the world calls nature. But whenever God wishes, He can change this pattern, turning sea into dry land.

Quote from "Healing Leaves" letter #221

As I have said all along, "Without God's help I am nothing."

I wish to revise my books soon, as I am now understanding that I have been mistaken about several things, including underestimating the importance of Torah and Mitzvot and the importance of Rabbis and Community in the Jewish religion. I feel like Sysuphus who has fallen down the hill, and now it is time to push the rock upwards once more. As I grapple with my own demons, I pray with God's mercy I will be worthy to once again return to the great light I have been blessed with witnessing in my life.

Meanwhile I continue to work on new images and music, with God's help.

In this week's parsha, Vayichi, Jacob blesses his son Yoseif"...with the blessings of heaven from above, blessings of the depths that lie below...."

The gallery has been recently updated with new images:

the particular new images which remind me of this blessing are here:


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