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Announcing the release of Double Mirrors, the book, in paperback, coming soon to a bookstore near you in honor of 11/1/00.

You will be able to order the book through the store:

And eventually,, or any other bookstore as well.

The book, release version 1.2, is currently 650 pages, with 85 photos, and includes the extended 20 page Double Mirror Theory, the Doorway, written in 1999, and 36 pages of new material entitled the Origin of the Universe, insights which occurred to me while in deep groking mode in Jerusalem, 2/2000, as well as an account of the 12 year personal journey which led to these ideas in the form of an intimate journal.

I believe this book to contain the meaning of life, expressed together with the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, and website, to the best of my ability.

I am interested in volunteers to provide initial feedback. If you are willing to review my book, please let me know.

The latest news on the coming book release will be posted here:

An e-book preview, release version 1.1 was posted in PDF format as a special promo on 11/1/99, but is no longer available.

Currently some book excerpts are available here:
for recent writing and an ongoing online journal project which has now been completely revamped:

You can stay up to date on news here:

The total hit count for all 10 SWS Network sites is currently over a million- 1,394,621 (conservative estimate, only counting main pages of each site, and networks, not reloads or multiple immediate hits by same visitor):

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Please think about supporting Son of Waves Studios by ordering one of my 2 ambient / techno CDs, image prints, promo items, Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, or soon, the Double Mirrors book, all of which make great gifts too.


Son of Waves Studios

I thank God and 36 pure spirits who have helped in the completion of Project Double Mirrors, where I have been able to upload from island seclusion, despite all the distractions of recent and past years.

Let's pray for peace in the Middle East and a world where humans behave like God instead of the opposite.

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