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matrix hints:

weather changing, smart commercials (hit on the right needs of moment, etc)

- english language and american culture is contrary to most of what im tryin to do.

still the project of buildin a 2nd studio slowly continues. i cant help but wish it was outside of the US though.

world is black and white. what makes people say its not? even worse, what are the things that make things grey, polluted, and muddled?

used cars, all used energy, and in languge, words like "he" she, i , you, that , it. . all these words are used so frequently and to describe so many different types of relationships that they are effectively used cars. .pulling all they describe down to the lowest common demonitor, the seat is only as good as the slimiest guy that sat there. . . etc. . .

hebrew , a holy language, on the other hand barely makes use of this filler words, and relationships are therefore much more pure.

language has a big effect on our relationships. . in fact defines these relationships and therefore our world.

speaking online, and deliberating, and avoiding real time communication makes these dangers disapear. \

but im still fealing the effect of a 30 second need filled phone call about a house for rent, mistakengily made in my white shirt and black pant groking clothes. .. . .

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