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(excerpts from letter) 9/21/00


As you probably know, have been travelling for the last 2 years. I am seeking an ideal place to work without distraction and be away from cities, and the negative influences of most people. But travelling is indeed dangerous, and my 2 year effort to build a suitable 2nd studio is has been very difficult and traumatic to say the least.

The recent movie "The Beach" - touches on some of these themes. .. . basically the problem is that once I determined that relying on 1 studio for all business and creative pursuits was too dangerous, and was too susceptible to excessive attachment, things became very complex.

I'm in a position which allows a location anywhere on the globe with little more than a phone line. . .. which has created an unusual problem- anyplace I live I'm endorsing as the best place in the world. . . and so far nearly every place I have been is far too spiritually polluted to deserve this statement. .

Several Levvites and Priests left Jerusalem between the 1st and 2nd temples, due to the corruption there, and sought a place of purity in which to live. . . they brought the Ark with them, and ended up in Ethiopia.

I have been seeking my own Ethiopia, and in today's convoluted and dangerous world, I have been led to islands as the only escape.

So I have been moving from place to place. . . always vulnerable while in this long transition. . . so much so that I have been silent and away from most people. . . and constantly exposed to ugly sides of human nature. . . there is a line in the movie which basically talks about the blood spilled for another's paradise. . people get brutal as other's dreams (and there own) become attainable. . especially in the doorways. .

I was not able to respond sooner due to not being in a position to write without distraction. I will write when I can and feel I can speak honestly and effectively. Please, once again, do not interpret this silence as hostility. .
There are plenty of things I would like to talk about.

With love

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