Artist bio: Dylan Robert Tauber

  Dylan Tauber is an award winning electronic musician, artist, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in northern Israel. Dylan Tauber has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific 26 year career in 1996 with the ambitious Double Mirrors anthology, which includes a book, video slide shows, soundtrack, and companion website at The Double Mirrors project evolves years later, as Tauber continues to explore the cyber-spiritual revolution. In addition to releasing twelve ambient / electronica / trance music albums (10 for free download) through his Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan runs a network of eighten web sites which include an online imaging / photo gallery, and a video archive. This network of web sites has reached over 5.5 million page views since 1996. Dylan completed a circle around the planet from 2000-2001, beginning and ending in Israel. He published two books in 2001, and two ebooks in 2013. A picture book of Dylan's photography and digital art was published in 2005. In 2015 Dylan Tauber completed his eighth album, titled "Near Death Experience" Also in 2015, Dylan produced a 9th album titled "Dolphin Trance". In 2016, Dylan completed a new 10th album, "Dolphin Trance 2", and an 11nth album, which is a compilation of all his best songs from 2006- 2016 (the second ten year period of Dylan Tauber's career). This new project is entirely electronic music with vocals. In 2017, Tauber completed working on a new 12th album, "Sounds from Space", featuring ambient soundscapes, and the vocals of Enlia and Francessca Belisario. A single from this album, "He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)", was released in July, 2017. Dylan's music has been featured on over 140 radio stations since 2013, reviewed in over 100 music publications, and his music video " Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)" was shown on Channel 98 TV in Israel in December, 2017.

Chronology (pre-2000):

Born in Seattle, WA, 1974,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1992-93
B.A, visual arts, Columbia University,NYC, 1996,
Project Double Mirrors CD ROM - May 1996,
Double Mirrors Soundtrack ambient/techno alblum - May, 1996, November 1, 1996- one of the only artist websites still online since 1996
Moved to Jerusalem Jan 1, 1997 / Jedinet / - 3/97
Founded Son of Waves Studios-, Nov 1, 1997
SWS Miami - 2/98
Project Double Mirrors CD ROM released -4/99
The Doorway ambient / electronica album released 5/99
SWS island- 9/99
11-1-99- uploaded Double Mirrors, the book, beta version, and returned to Jerusalem in honor of the new milennium.


Author Bio ­ 100 words. (version 2)

Dylan Robert Tauber, is an independent digital artist, who has been producing electronic music, art, and writing since graduating Columbia University in 1996. He has traveled around the world searching for a dolphin paradise and a dream mermaid, but has been based in Jerusalem, Israel, as well a secluded island in the south western Pacific.
In addition to publishing 5 books, including the The Doorway and Double Mirrors in 2001, he also has produced the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, completed in 1996 / released 1999, and 16 transcendental electronica music albums released from 1996-2023.
Dylan also runs the SWS Network which consists of 24 web sites which has accumulated over 5.5 million page views since 1996.



Long Author Bio ­ 6000 words (for book web page, including several book exceprts)


Dylan Robert Tauber, is an independent digital artist, who has been creating electronic music, art, and writing since graduating Columbia University in 1996. He has traveled around the world, but has been based in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as island and most recently a secluded island in the south eastern Pacific.
In addition to publishing 2 books, the The Doorway and Double Mirrors in 2001, he also has produced the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, completed in 1996 / released 1999, and 2 ambient/techno music CD soundtracks released in 1999.
Dylan also runs the SWS Network which consists of 12 web sites which has accumulated over 2.2 million page views since 1996.

Dylan was born 11/1/1974, in Seattle, Washington, and was brought up in Brookline, MA by his 2 parents along with 2 brothers and sister. At the age of 5 he was given a small pocket kodak camera for his birthday, and as an introverted child, began to photograph and ponder the world around him. Not in harmony with his family or the surburbian American Modern Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, Dylan was often sad. He saw a freudian therapist named Dr. Weil for 8 years, most of this time without charge. Dylan left home at the age of 13 to attend a hermetic yeshiva boarding school in Milwaukee, WI. 7 Rabbis, and 70 untamed yeshiva guys from questionable backgrounds were his new neighbors in a setting more bizzare than any hollywood movie. The setting was a Gothic Mansion built 100 years ago by a Lumber Baron on the shores of Lake Michagen. It was secluded on a private and wooded lakefront propery which was also a favorite hangout of the nudists of Wisconsin.
Dylan found repreive from the often repressive Yeshiva environment by accidently discovering Master B. K. Yun's Black Belt Tae Kwon Do academy just down the street, and practiced his new art enthusiastically, obtaining a Green Belt and more self confidence.
After 3 years in Milwaukee, Dylan dropped out of High School in order to attend Yeshiva University in NYC as a very early admissions Freshman at the age of 16.
A year later, Dylan spent a year as an overseas student at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This year, which began in a Kibbutz Ulpan program for the summer, was to change his life. It was living on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, that Dylan had a vision of Double Mirrors, the New Jew, Dolphins, The Ethiopian Woman (Sunitayahu) and what he refers to as the meaning of life.
Dylan worked as a contributing photographer for a section of the Jerusalem Post newspaper and for a student newspaper at Hebrew University. He placed 3rd place in a university wide photo contest for a photograph of a protest by Ultra-Orthodox Jews at a Jerusalem construction site depicted Rabbis in Black juxtaposed to bright yellow Bulldozers.

The following year, Dylan was accepted to Columbia University, in NYC. Dylan returned to NYC in order to communicate what he had seen in Jerusalem. As a visual arts major, he studied black and white photography, and wrote as an investigative journalist for the campus student newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator. Dylan became a staff writer and then associate editor for the summer of 1994, after several stories which achieved acclaim, including several exposes on campus security.
In the summer of 94, after meeting a dancer at a Times Square strip club named Sarah, Dylan was inspired to begin writing his book Double Mirrors.
Dylan returned to Israel at the end of the summer of 94, with the goal of capturing the New Jew on film, and also work on his book project.

In 1995, upon his return to NYC and second year at Columbia , Dylan purchased a PowerMac 8100, and began digital photography and electronic music with the purchase of his first studio level synthesizer.
He returned to Israel again for 3 months in the summer of 1995 for more photography, writing, and searching for the Ethiopian Woman.
In 1996, Dylan moved off campus to a studio in the East Village, and began a multimedia project, which included an interactive book, 400 images, an original electronic ambient/ techno soundtrack, and video. At the same time, he discovered Columbia was not only home to the Manhattan Project, but he was taking 2 art and electronic music classes in the very same building where the first research on constructing the Atom Bomb was conducted- Prentis Hall on 125th and Broadway.

Dylan completed his multi-media project in the form of a CD ROM shortly before he graduated Columbia in May, 1996.



The Doorway, a book about the long effort to publish Double Mirrors, begins with the events of 1997 until the publication of both books in 2001.


1997 ­ Jan 1, 1997, Dylan moved to Jerusalem, shipping the studio he built in NYC including music equipment, PowerMac, and imaging equipment. He began working as a multimedia artist for a web based Jerusalem company named Virtual Jerusalem, but left 3 months later. August 29, 1997, Dylan completed a swim from Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium to the Jaffa port. He had known this swim would mark his full transition to Son of Waves. On Nov 1 1997, he founded Son of Waves Studios.
Dylan was traumatized in December of '97 upon leaving Israel for a 1 month visit to Brookline, MA, to visit his parents who had recently separated. Upon returning he was to find out Dr Weil, his long time friend and mentor had been murdered several days before.

1998 ­ Dylan returns to Israel with a poster printer, and is in emotional turmoil. Frustrated with the excessive negativity and attachment by some of the adults around him, Dylan travels to Miami, FL in order to eventually swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys. He returns to Israel after a 3 week scouting expedition in Miami. Dylan drives to Nuweiba, Egypt, where he swims with a lone dolphin who has bonded with a Bedouin boy in the Sinai. Dylan returns to Miami later in the year, and rents a temporary studio.

1999 Dylan returns to Israel after swimming with dolphins in the Keys, but frustrated with the shallowness of Miami Beach. Later in the year he returns to Miami one more time, but this time goes straight from Miami to island, where he hopes his spiritual nature will be more in tune with the people around him. He stays on one Pacific island, and one month on a different island, and eventually finds an apartment to rent, but leaves in late December 1999, realizing this is far from paradise.

Dylan returns to Jerusalem just before the 2000 doorway swings open. . On 1/01/2000 Dylan uploads the Double Mirror theory to his flagship web site He stays in his Jerusalem studio as a hermit for 3 months, pondering the meaning of life, and new revelations come to him. It was during this period that he discoveries the spiritual origin of the universe, and that there are in fact infinite universes.
Watching CNN, Dylan was dreamed to the tranquil islands of the South Pacific. One of his earliest memories is identifying a Paul Gauguin painting of South Polynesian women to his proud mother at the age of 3 (pointing to the picture in National Geographic, and then to a painting by the same artist in a postcard hanging on the wall).
In March of 2000, Dylan travels once again, seeking a place where he can think, pray, swim, and live without distraction in complete harmony with his environment. . like a dolphin. He flies to a different pacific island. He is disappointed when the airline loses his Prophecy Keyboard. Disappointed with the high volume of tourists there, Dylan spends 1 week in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti. He then returns to yet another island, this time an island where he hears there are dolphins. . . . there are in fact dolphins, but the people prove to be a distraction. . Dylan travels later in the year to a remote jungle in Costa Rica where an expatriate american woman is running a dolphin retreat. . . later Micronesia, to a tiny island of 9000, then he camps for 2 weeks on a remote coast with nothing but camping gear and his jeep. . . he works on completing his book project, but cannot upload due to not being able to get a cell phone. This spot is however the most peaceful and ideal spot for groking he has so far discovered. . . miles from anyone. . . until his tent is stolen . . . he has a wireless e-mail device set up at a nearby house and gets a message from someone in Sweden claiming to have married Sunitayahu. Dylan doesn't feel comfortable and leaves the island.


2001 arrives. Dylan is alone and a wired hermit, but has a laptop and can go anywhere with a phone line and continue his mission. He flies to Chicago and spends 2 weeks at a secluded business suite hotel with a high bandwith connection. Dylan ponders returning to Israel immediately or continuing his search for a paradise island. He has a feeling about Guam. . . he flies to Guam. But Guam is a disappointment. And no dolphins. And then he discovers the nearby islands. . and Tinian where the B-29 carrying the Atom Bomb launched in 1945. . . and a dangerous hula dancer named Eve. . .

3/2001 Seoul, Korea, and then Israel. Dylan has completed a journey circling the entire planet, beginning and ending in Jerusalem.

And the saga continues. . stay tuned for further updates, and enjoy reading these books. Or you can read my original journal entries:

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