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When Double Mirrors is understood, all organized, rigid, prescribed institutions designed to lead the masses to God, are revealed to be nothing more than a shadow, a finger pointing to the moon. Rather than go into more detail on this thought, I will let a more accomplished Jedi of truth, Bruce Lee, sum up my ideas for me. Simply replace his reference to "martial arts" with the word "religion" or the name of any other institution that claims to function in the name of God.

Unfortunately, most students of the martial arts are conformists. Instead of learning to depend on themselves for expression, they blindly follow their instructors, no longer feeling alone, finding security in mass imitation. The product of this imitation is a dependent mind. Independent inquiry, which is essential to genuine understanding, is sacrificed, Look around the martial arts and witness the assortment of routine performers, trick artists, desensitized robots, glorifiers of the past and so on- all followers or exponents of organized despair.
How often are we told by different sensei (teachers) or "masters" that the martial arts are life itself? But how many of them truly understand what they are saying? Life is a constant movement- rhythmic as well as random; Life is a constant change and not stagnation. Instead of choicelessly following with this process of change, many of these "masters," past and present, have built an illusion of fixed forms, rigidly subscribing to traditional concepts and techniques of the art, solidifying the ever-flowing, dissecting the totality.
The most pitiful sight is to see sincere students earnestly repeating those imitative drills, listening to their own screams and spiritual yells. In most cases, the means these sensei offer their students are so elaborate that the student must give tremendous attention to them, until gradually he loses sight of the end. The students end up performing their methodical routines as a mere conditioned response, rather than responding to "what is." They no longer "listen" to circumstances. These poor souls have unwittingly become trapped in the miasma of classical martial arts training. A teacher, a really good sensei, is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself.

Bruce Lee, 1971

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