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Learning to swim, first Dolphin encounter. . .

these experiences shape who we are today.

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    Story #1 from: Nai`a Mon Feb 17 18:56:53 1997


    Mahalo... Turquoise and I are teaching ourselves hawaiian, I pounced on the name as soon as I heard it. Only met one other person called by it too..


    > As a Son of Waves, I can't imagine waht it would be to never have seen the ocean. . .


    Oh, I've seen it. Just not recently. When I was an infant, my parents took me to hawaii for a week.. I don't remember that one, but still...

    the next time was when I was hmm.. six probably, and the whole family went back there, to Maui... went whale watching, saw some humpbacks,

    which I vaguely remember... went out to the beach every day, and it wasn't 'til the very last day I was brave enough to actually go in the ocean! And then I threw a temper tantrum since we had to get on the plane and leave just then.

    When I was eight or nine we went to florida, spent two weeks there and I swam in the beach some, I don't remember that one too well either. Haven't been back since.

    I've seen dolphins too. Two years ago, actually, we went down to florida again, stayed at disney world and then we were going to go to sanibel and stay at the beach for a while. I got sick with some nasty little thing, and we never got to go to the beach.. after two days of being sick, the rest of the family wanted to get out of the hotel room,

    so mom and dad dragged us all to, of all places, sea world. Bleech.

    Thanks to the medicine I was on, and the heat, I was rather delirious, and my memory of that day is abstract and dream-like at best.. I did technically get to see dolphins, touch them at that, but since I remember none of it, and since it was at that hellish place, I usually don't count it. Especially seeing as how I knew nothing about dolphins then... it wasn't until some six months later that I became enlightened on -that- matter, and that was thanks to Turquoise. Not much of a dolphin story, is it..

    At any rate, just a couple more years, and it's off to Sarasota (if I

    can actually get in to the college I'd like to go to).. The ocean and dolphins are one of the few things I'll lie awake at night and cry for...

    I do like your images..



    Story #2 from: LovDolfins 2/25/97

    I was about 7 years old, my mom, her friend and I went to Florida. Us and some friends they knew down there went out for a boat ride. They took us to this restraunt that had a dolphin (don't worry they didn't keep it there, she was injuryed during a storm and they nured her back to health and she never left.) But they took me there because they knew that I loved dolphins and I got to pet her. I also got to pet and feed some at Sea World.


    But those are the only dolphins meetings I have had. I hope to have more. My dream honey moon is to go on a cruse and swim with the dolphins!



    Story #3 From Mon Feb 24 21:42:54 1997:

    This is about orcas (which are really dolphins)

    I participated in a program where they teach high school students more about marine life and students get to interact with many of the animals.

    On one day, we were learning about orcas. We were all near the tank, and as we were leaving, I decided to do an experiment on my own. (Nobody else was really close enough to hear me.) I made a noise that I have heard used by resident orcas on my tapes. Almost immediately, all the orcas in the tank swam over and looked at me. I thought that their response was really interesting, but I had to leave as there were other things we needed to do.

    Later, we were by the tank again, and as everyone was leaving, I made an "upward glide" noise. The orcas swam over to me and whistled back!

    It was the most incredible experience I've ever had.



    Story #4 From Tue Feb 25 18:13:19 1997


    Hey how's it going!!! I just got my tattoo:) It looks really good, i love it:) I would love for you to see it buyt i know that is impossible right now. I know you wanted to learn about my dolphin experience..

    When i was 12 years old I started having callings towards the sea. I didnt really understand it all that much , just that i needed to near the ocean and its life. In 1986 my family and I traveled to Florida, we went to Sea World. It was the best experience of my life!!! I met frist hand Atlantic Bottle Nose dolphins, and Orcas. I was completely at home there:) I knew from that point on my life had changed and things would never be the same.

    I thought I would become a marine biologist, but i have a slight probelm with math and dissecting them.. Any way, i soon discovered that i didnt need to be a biologist to love them and appreciate them at all. I believe that every person has guardian animals that watch out for you and come to when you need them. Dolphins are one of my strongest totem animals. I needed them from when i was 12 till about a year ago, then another animal stepped onto my life and took a place by their side in importance-Wolves:)

    That is another story... I love ceteceans and will do anything for them, dolphins are my main love, orcas are another passion too, being the largest of the dolphin family. I am very interested in them as well.

    When i am having a hard time or when i need spirtual guidance i call to the dolphins to guide me and protect me, to help me see that i shouldnt take life so seriously all the time. Well that is all for now, i will

    write more later, let me know what you think..







    I forgot to tell you why i got my tattoo.. So i would have a physical representation of them on my body so i could feel even closer to them.

    Plus i wanted other people to see how much i love them and how important they are to all of our survival...


    Story #5 From From Dr. Geri Kristapiazzi Wed Mar 26 12:24:35 1997

    My husband and I were at at MarineLand years ago and watched a dolphin show. We waited until everyone left after the show and we stood around the tank watching the dolphins.


    I started to send love to each of them mentally (I am a Reiki Master.) Soon one of the dolphins threw a basketball to me with his snout. My husband and I ended up playing basketball catch with the dolphins for about 45 minutes. It was great!!! Each time I threw the ball I visualized sending a ball of love and light to the dolphin.

    It was an experience of pure love, fun and laughter! We could tell that the dolphins were having fun too. It was a beautiful experience that we will always remember! :-)


    Dr. Geri Kristapiazzi

    Story #6 Posted by: Daniel Smantus (Sydney, Australia) 06/02/98

    Hi i'm Daniel A couple of years ago my friends were looking for whales when we spotted a dolphin underwater near the lagoon. My friend david called out to us and we had a great time. The dolphins were playful. some even tried to tear off our swimmers. When we were underwater the dolphins made funny sounds that tickle you when your under. We gurgled a few words and they came all wild. Some even let us hold on there backs and swim deep. One of my friends went underwater heaps deep and we all went down with him. We stayed there for about half a minute before going back up for some air. We played with them for about 2 hrs and went home. It was magical.

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