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"Mankind's inexhaustible quest for God / Love / Truth or however else one wishes to refer to our search for the infinite, can be accounted for by what I refer to as my theory of the Double Mirrors."

-Dylan, Son of Waves ,1993.

Music by Dylan Tauber:

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Check out Project Double Mirrors 4.0 , five video slide shows, new as of Nov 1, 2011 in honor of the 15th anniversary (1996-2011).

Music CDs, MP3's, and downloads by Son of Waves Studios





Double Mirrors Soundtrack
24 tracks! ambient/electronica dolphin music. Available for free download
 The Doorway
Ambient/techno SWS Album. 12 tracks highly acclaimed tracks.Available for free download
The Healing
SWS Album. 14 tracks. Available for free download
SWS Album.30 tracks. Available for free download
 Ones and Zeros
SWS Album. Available for free download
2006 SWS album. 35 of the best tracks from 1996-2006. Available for free download.



Compilation 2
New SWS Album. the best songs from 2006-2016. Available for free download.
SWS Album.13 tracks. Available for free download
Sounds from Space
New 2017 SWS album. 15 tracks.
Available for free download.
Near Death Experience
2015 - new album by SWS.
Available for free download.
Dolphin Trance
2015 album by SWS.
Available for free download.
Dolphin Trance 2
2016 album by SWS.
Available for free download.

 2005 - Double Mirrors picture book now for sale by Xlibris. 80 photographs and digital images from the gallery, by Dylan Tauber. Only $26.99. Order now - click image on left!

 2018 - "Son of Waves" screenplay for free download. Original writing, photography, and digital art, about Son of Waves, 12 Dolphins to save the planet, David The Visionary on the beach in Tel Aviv, a digital messiah, and an internet of Love - click image on left!

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Theories by Dylan Tauber in Hebrew.

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