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 JediNet Feature: Jedi/Dolphin Inspired Electronic Music from SWS

Download free MP3's from Son of Waves Studios, an indie artist topping the electronica charts!
Son of Waves Studios - RAW - download tracks from the new SWS ambient soundscapes alblum for free.

JediNet Featured Free MP3 Song- Hack the Planet, by Son of Waves Studios. Slow synth ambience about the persecution of hackers.Bob Dylan, Bruce Lee, hackers. Midway, the song evolves into a cyber-emotional and inspiring blend of classic SWS synth pads, and ethnic middle east samples. JediNet fans will love this alblum, The Doorway ($8.99) Credits: Dylan, Son of Waves/Son of Waves Studios

JediNet Featured free mp3 Song #2- The Revolution is Comming -Ambient soundscape featuring american indian, middle eastern samples, and also a few short samples from the upcoming Star Wars prequel, the Phantom Menace. I fully expect the cyber-spiritual revolution to hit overdrive on May 19. . .The force will be with you. . . . always. CD: The Doorway ($5.99)
Credits: Dylan, Son of Waves/Son of Waves Studios
  • Revolution is Coming
  • Hack the Planet
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Even the Most Backwards Tribe
  • Sad Fury
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